what Is The V2ray Vmess Protocol

what Is The V2ray Vmess Protocol

What Is The V2ray Vmess Protocol – V2ray or Vmess Protocol is a project under the auspices of Project V which contains a set of tools or tools that aim to create or build an independent internet privacy network and v2ray becomes its basic core.

V2Ray (VMess) is a VPN with a new type of protocol. The VMess protocol is an encrypted transmission protocol originally used by V2Ray, which was developed like Shadowsocks for deep packet inspection of firewall.

But there is a difference between v2ray and shadowsock. V2ray itself is a platform. Thus, v2ray can continue to grow with the improvement of the software.

Those of us who know about the history of shadowsock will know very well that shadowshock is a self-contained software developed by clowwindy. Initially this software was created to make it easier to bypass firewalls and sensors.

what Is The V2ray Vmess Protocol
what Is The V2ray Vmess Protocol

Whereas V2Ray was developed after a clow windy received threats from the Chinese government, the Project V team was developed in protest.

Shadowsocks is clearly a single proxy protocol, and v2ray is not single and much more complex.

Then why use v2ray?

There are advantages and disadvantages that exist in v2ray. However, v2ray is still much more powerful than Shadowsock.

Here are some of the advantages of the v2ray protocol.

  • V2ray is a new protocol. And of course powerful, because he doesn’t use a single proxy.
  • V2ray is created using a new protocol, namely vmess which is developed in-house. The development carried out from Shadowshock aims to improve the performance of the protocol. One of them is so that the firewall is not easy to detect.
  • Due to a development, of course v2ray has better performance.
  • Implemented the KCP protocol in V2Ray. Thus you no longer need to install other kcptun.
  • Has a port that can adjust itself to have maximum speed.
  • Furthermore, you can also set up your network the way you want. For example, to block an ad, or you can also activate tracking.
  • Using multiple proxies. Because it is a development from Shadowsock that uses a single proxy. V2ray has a chained proxy.
  • It obscures the traffic of your network, making it difficult to trace.
  • Use only WebSocket proxies, or for CDN intermediate proxies.


Indeed v2ray is still under development, and will continue to be like that. Therefore v2ray will always have an increase in performance.

So how, have you become interested in using this new protocol? Maybe you can try it first.

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