Download WhatsApp Status on Android Easily

Download WhatsApp Status on Android Easily

VPNbase.NET — For those of you who see a friend’s WhatsApp status that might interest you, you can download it easily. Here’s the tutorial Download WhatsApp Status on Android Easily.

Usually when you see the status on WhatsApp, sometimes there is the status of your friend which you think is good and you want to save it.

It’s also possible for you to download it and you will share it again on whatsapp status or to share on your social media.

Usually the wa status which is a video type will need tips so you can download it, but if the wa status is just an image you can easily screenshot it right?

Download WhatsApp Status on Android Easily

The easiest way to download WA status is to use the help of third-party applications. Here’s the tutorial.

  1. First, download an application called “Status Saver” on the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the Status Saver application then on the main page of the application you will be faced with a choice of downloading videos or photos.
  3. Select to download videos.
  4. Then to download wa status, you just have to choose which wa status you want to download.
  5. Done. Then click or TAP the download icon.

In the way we have explained above, you can easily download whatsapp status for you to re-share on your social media or save it in your cellphone gallery. Hopefully this is useful and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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