Open VPN Download For Windows 7

Open VPN Download For Windows 7

VPNbase.NET – open vpn download For Windows 7. Using OpenVPN is one of the easiest ways to activate VPN on our PC. Openvpn is a system that can manage the network we use to be private. So you can access the internet using a private virtual network, or what people often call the VPN.

Open VPN Download For Windows 7

Open vpn itself is an open source application, meaning you can use the application and change the system according to your needs. You can use Open VPN itself on many platforms, for example you can use it via Linux, Windows, and mobile operating systems such as Android and IOS.

How to download OpenVPN

Open VPN Download For Windows 7
OpenVPN Download For Windows 7

For Windows itself, Open VPN has several versions. There are those that can be used for the latest windows, namely Windows 10, and can also be used for older windows such as Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. For this reason, this time we will discuss how to get OpenVPN for Windows 7.

  • The first thing you have to do is open a browser and make sure your internet connection is well connected.
  • After that, you can immediately open the official openvpn site by typing in your browser’s search tab
  • Furthermore, after opening the homepage of the OpenVPN site you can immediately open the download center. The button is on the business vpn menu on the top menu bar. Next, you can choose install now.
  • After selecting install now, you will be able to see several platforms that can use VPN, there are Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux, Android and many others. You can select windows.
  • After selecting, you will automatically download OpenVPN. Wait for it to finish.

How to Download Openvpn Windows 7

Download Openvpn Windows 7
Download Openvpn Windows 7

To download Open VPN that can be used on Windows 7. You can directly go to the following link

After opening the link, you will immediately go to the Openvpn download page specifically for Windows 7,8, and also 10.

Thus the article which contains information about open vpn download for Windows 7, hopefully it can help you.

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